To see one of our Interventional Pulmonologists, you will first need a referral from your General Practitioner or Specialist.

Your initial appointment will occur at the Macquarie University Clinic. Please bring along a list of your medications, any x-rays of your chest from the past five years and the results of any breathing tests from the past ten years.

For further information regarding initial appointment fees and services, please contact our reception staff on (02) 9812 3709.


Patients who may be suitable for an interventional treatment can be referred to us by fax or email.

We are happy to review your patient and perform the relevant investigations, although in cases where the patient is from outside Sydney, we may request that these be performed locally prior to review.

Patients should bring along; a list of medications, any previous chest imaging and respiratory function tests relevant to their condition. If you are considering your patient for ELVR, our selection criteria are available to download; this may help inform your decision.

Please download the attached referral form and either fax to (02) 9812 3844 or email to

Download Selection Criteria PDF __ Download Referral Form