What is it?

ELVR is a form of non-surgical lung volume reduction to treat people with severe emphysema.

How does it work?

  • In severe emphysema, damaged lung tissue will gradually lose its elasticity; inelastic lung has difficulty emptying of air.
  • Eventually more and more air gets trapped in the lung, causing over-inflation (hyperinflation)
  • Air that gets trapped in the inelastic lung does not contribute to ventilation and makes breathing inefficient and difficult
  • Deflating these areas of hyperinflated lung has been shown to improve breathing parameters, exercise capacity and quality of life in selected people with severe emphysema
  • This can be achieved using one-way valves (endobronchial valves) that are inserted into the airways of the most diseased areas of lung
  • These endobronchial valves gradually deflate the diseased areas of lung and allow the remainder of the lung to function more effectively 

Hyperinflated Lungs

Video of Pulmonx Endobronchial valve deployment

For a Video of the Olympus Intra Bronchial Valve deployment, click here.

A/Professor Ing talks about Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction.

Details of procedure

  • ELVR can be done under sedation or a general anesthetic depending upon which is most suitable for your situation
  • Once you are drowsy or unconscious, a bronchoscope will be inserted through your mouth into your airways
  • Using the bronchoscope, the endobronchial valves are positioned and deployed into your airways, there is no cutting or surgery involved
  • The whole procedure takes approximately one hour and usually you may go home on the next day.


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